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Keep Your Vehicle Safe During Holiday Season

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

Here are seven tips to keep your vehicle safe in the parking lot while you shop this holiday season:

1. Lock Shopping Bags in the Trunk

You know this one: Don't leave items in plain view! Items left in plain sight are more likely to get stolen. If your vehicle has a trunk, make sure that's where you put the shopping bags. Many SUVs have exposed cargo areas. The fix, of course, is a cargo cover. If you do have one make sure you use it - always.

2. Drop off gifts at home

If you've purchased a big-ticket item or have completed a big shopping trip and need to go somewhere else, make a quick detour home to drop off your purchases.

3. Park Far Away From the store entrance

Parking a little further out has several benefits. First, you won't have to stress out about a parking spot. Second, you will minimize the chances of your car getting dinged from a stray shopping cart or carelessly opened door. If you're shopping at night, make sure you're in a well-lit location. Always be aware of your surroundings!

4. Use remote driver door unlock

Did you know that most car key remotes have a two-stage unlocking process? The first press unlocks the driver's door only, while the second press unlocks the rest. Make sure to use this function if you are traveling alone to minimize the chances of someone jumping in the passenger side.

Our team at Seymour's Garage can help program any keyless entry to your vehicle in one day.

5. Use Backup cameras and mirrors when parking

Holiday parking lots are a nightmare. Having a backup camera can help you spot a child who might be in your blind spot. It's also handy for avoiding stray shopping carts. Don't make the mistake of only using the camera, however. Keep using your mirrors, and use the backup camera; this will give you a 360 visual of what is around your car.

6. Back into parking spaces so you can pull out safely later

It's not how most of us do it, but you will make a safer exit if you back into a parking space; rather than heading into it.

7. Use hands-free devices to avoid distracted driving

Make sure your phone is synced via Bluetooth to take calls. If your car doesn't have Bluetooth, there are several aftermarket solutions. If you need to reply to a text, pull over.

If you're looking to upgrade your car accessories, book an appointment with Seymour's Garage. We will help program & install those Bluetooth accessories.

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Unknown member
Jun 29, 2023

Security is a major concern of all whether it's your home or it's your vehicle. But you can't this on your own, a professional locksmith is needed to improve the security. You can enhance the security of your car by installing security alarms in your car so that any stranger if try to break-in a you can get a notification by the alarm sound.

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