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Is Your Car Ready for the Hail Season?

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

Hail in a persons hand

Hail season in Texas runs from March to May, and it can wreak havoc on your car's roof, leaving you feeling frustrated and overwhelmed. With yesterday's severe rain and hail storm, it's crucial to be prepared before the next one hits. At Seymour's Garage, we know how daunting hail damage can be, but don't worry – we've put together an easy-to-follow car survival guide to help you feel more confident and prepared.

The Importance of Being Prepared for Hail Season in San Antonio

San Antonio is known to experience hailstorms frequently, with the city and its surrounding areas being at high risk for hail damage.

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), San Antonio has an average of three hail storms per year with a hail size of 1 inch or larger. However, in some years, San Antonio can experience significantly more hailstorms, with some hailstones reaching up to the size of softballs. The frequency of hailstorms in San Antonio underscores the importance of taking preventive measures to protect your car from hail damage.

How to Prepare

Keep an Eye for Weather Reports: If you're aware of the weather conditions in advance, you'll have ample time to move your car to a secure location, such as a garage or covered parking area. Staying informed and taking preventive measures can help keep your car safe and save you from expensive hail damage repairs.

Hail damage on a vehicle

Cover Your Vehicle: Cover your car with a car cover designed specifically for hail damage. If you can not purchase one in short notice you can also use blankets, tarps, or even cardboard to cover your car. Be sure to secure the cover firmly in place to prevent it from blowing away during the storm. You can use bungee cords or ropes to keep the cover in place, but avoid tying them too tightly, as they can damage your car's paint or body.

  • Ensure You Have the Right Coverage: Having insurance coverage for potential hail damage is a crucial part of preparing for a hailstorm. Hailstorms can cause extensive damage to your vehicle, resulting in dents, scratches, and broken windows, all of which can be costly to repair.

  • Consider Investing in a Car Port: Investing in a carport is a wise decision to prevent hail damage to your vehicle. Hailstorms can cause significant damage to cars, including dents, broken windows, and scratches, which can be costly to repair. A carport provides an affordable and effective solution for protecting your vehicle from hail damage. Plus carports add value to your property and provide additional storage space for other belongings!

Key Takeaways for Hail Season in Texas:

  • Hail season in Texas runs from March to May and can cause significant damage to your car's roof.

  • San Antonio experiences frequent hailstorms, with an average of three per year, making it essential to take preventive measures to protect your vehicle.

  • Being aware of weather reports and covering your car with a hail-specific cover, blankets, or tarps are simple ways to protect your car.

  • Ensuring that you have comprehensive insurance coverage for hail damage is essential, as it can be costly to repair.

  • Investing in a carport provides an affordable and effective solution to protect your vehicle from hail damage while adding value to your property and additional storage space.

Schedule Your Next Car Tune-Up Today

Seymour's Garage can assist you in preparing your car for hail season and provide quality car maintenance services! We do not offer auto body repairs. If your car sustains hail damage, we recommend contacting a reputable auto body shop in your area for assistance. Don't forget to schedule a car tune-up with us to ensure your vehicle is in top condition before the next hailstorm hits. Call or click today.

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Andrew Hunter
Andrew Hunter
27 oct. 2023

These tips are not only helpful but also emphasize the importance of safety. Dealing with a cracked windshield in the rainy season can be risky, so these suggestions are invaluable. Contact RV Windshield Replacement for more details regarding windshield issues.

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