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Are you looking for engine repair or is it time to replace it with a new, remanufactured or used engine? At Seymour's Garage we will go over all of the options best suited for you based on your driving needs and budget.

Engine Options

New Engine

A new crate engine, by comparison, usually uses all new parts (engine block cylinder heads, crankshaft, connecting rods, pistons, camshaft, valves, etc.)

Remanufactured Engine

A remanufactured engine is one that has been remanufactured to prescribed standards and specifications by highly skilled machinists using state-of-the-art equipment and components. Our shop recommends Jasper Engines & Transmissions for any rebuilt engines.

Overhauled Engine

There are different ways of overhauling an engine. Most shops do what is called an in-chassis rebuild. This is where you don't remove the engine from the car, a tech just pulls what you need to do the job off it and does a minor overhaul - replace the cylinder liners, pistons (if needed), piston rings, replace the big end and crankshaft bearings, lap the valves in and replace.

Used Engine

As for the used engines, they can save you money but can be risky. An engine from a low mileage wreck at a salvage yard is probably okay. By low mileage, we mean less than about 60,000 miles. And if the salvage yard will guarantee the engine is good (some will, some won't)

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