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SG is the undisputed best garage in San Antonio. Three things about Seymours Garage separates it from all the other places:

1. Communication - I've never had a mechanic explain to me the reasoning behind their diagnostics and services like Seymour's does. Being a layman to automobile repairs, I really appreciated how they broke it down for me into easy to understand language that allowed me to make informed decisions on the care for my vehicle.

2. Expertise - I had been taking my BMW to the BMW dealership for this recurring problem I was having involving the crank case valve where they had me replace the same parts over and over again. After thousands of dollars in wasted money, I took my car into Seymours and they were able to correctly identify a problem further up in the circuit that was causing this part to break down over and over. I haven't had a problem with my engine since.

3. Promptness - I took my car in on memorial day to have the A/C repaired, my brakes replaced, and a trip check run. They completed all these services by the next morning and delivered my car to my apartment later that day. No garage has been faster for me.

Zachary W.

San Antonio, TX

Seymour's Garage is the only place I'm taking my vehicles from now on. He always kept us up to date on the what was going on and always gave us many options on how to proceed. He always looked out for our best interest. He went out of his way to lend us a Van so our family could function normally. Thanks Mark you have this families respect and business.We had a lifter and cam shaft issue which could have been resolved by replacing the parts. Another option give was to replace and warranty the engine which would insure our beloved family vehicle for 3 years or 100,000 miles. Since we new we were going to keep this vehicle that is the option we took. We couldn't be happier.

Fabian P.

San Antonio, TX

Experienced Quality Auto Repair and Excellent Service.
I recommend the shop.

- Dan Miller Professional Garage Association

Dan M.

Castle Hills

We had our 2005 Honda Odyssey looked at due to a bumping transmission and gushing oil leaks. A local dealership was giving us a huge estimate and runaround, and a saw a good review for Seymour's at my work. Mark worked with us to meticulously diagnose issues one at a time, with clear cost estimates along the way and the right questions asked (such as 'how long do you want to keep the car? If we open the transmission it could cost from $X to $Y to fix, do we proceed?'). We had few surprises and gained in depth knowledge of our situation through Mark's thorough analysis. They may not be the cheapest mechanics, but if you want to really get things fixed for good, I'd recommend Seymours.

John W.

San Antonio, TX

I absolutely LOVE Seymour's. I am so glad to have found them. Honest, dependable work with an effort to get you the best price. They really will bend over backwards for you, too. I'd taken my car to NTB when I had a wobble to get an alignment. They did the alignment but didn't bother to mention that the inside edges of my tires were bald with wire showing through. I guess they don't want to sell tires very badly?! When it was still wobbling we took it in to Seymour's. They got it up on the rack, checked to make sure there wasn't any other issues, then called me to let me know what up. They not only called me, but said they knew I'd gotten my tires at Discount Tires due to the info on the tires, and had already called over and gotten me a deal on replacements, and asked if I wanted them to drive over and get the tires replaced for no extra charge. They went ahead and squared up with DT, and I was able to just pay the entire bill to Seymour's. You can't beat THAT for service!

Melissa B.

San Antonio, TX

Words alone can not express our deepest thanks to Mark, Randy and everyone over at Seymour's. They have gone above and beyond to insure our daughter has a safe and reliable car. They have proven to us over and over that they genuinely care about their customers and treat them like family. They work hard and don't stop until the job is not only done but done right! There's only one place I will bring my cars in the future and only one place I will refer my friends and family to... And that's Seymour's Garage!

Kristen L.

San Antonio, TX

I was told by my car's dealership that I needed a new water pump ASAP as well as new rear struts. I was referred by a friend to Seymour's, and I'm so happy that I found this garage. They saved me $1,200.00! It's hard to find a company with true integrity, but Seymour's really outdid themselves. I know ZERO about cars, and rather than take advantage of that to make a quick and easy buck, they educated me and saved me lots of money. I seriously would recommend these guys to everyone.

Marissa G.

San Antonio, TX

Friendly and very knowledgeable on all of our foreign cars. Much better than the dealerships.

Nicholas H.

San Antonio, TX

Great work, highly recommended. ​They paid for a rental car while the car was getting fixed. Mark really goes out of his way for customer satisfaction.

L Flores

San Antonio, TX

I have been going to Seymour's Garage for over 20 years.

Stephen W.

San Antonio, TX

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