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Battery Services

San Antonio Auto Repair

Welcome to Seymour's Garage, where our top priority is ensuring your safety on the road. Our brake specialists are here to provide you with the best repairs and services to ensure your brakes are working smoothly and able to stop quickly.

We offer valuable information on brake issues and corrective services that we provide, including the Anti-Lock Brake System. Our team ensures that all components of the system work together to prevent the brakes from locking up, allowing you to steer the vehicle while it is stopping. If your ABS light comes on, bring your vehicle to Seymour's Garage for a check-up.

We also offer brake fluid flushes to replace your old brake fluid with fresh, clean fluid. Over time, brake fluid can absorb water from the air, causing it to become less effective and even corrosive. Regular maintenance is essential to keep your brakes functioning properly and keep you safe on the road.

Is it time for new brakes? Contact us

8411 Speedway Drive
San Antonio, TX 78230

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