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At Seymour's Garage, we want our customers to be able to brake smoothly and stop quickly when driving out on the road. You can leave the repairs and services to our brake specialists. Routine maintenance is essential to keep in mind and Seymour's Garage provides top-quality parts to keep you safe.


Understand some valuable information on brake issues and corrective services that we offer..

Anti-Lock Brake System
The components of the anti-lock brake system work together to rapidly pulse the brakes and prevent them from locking up the wheels when a driver slams on the brake pedal. This keeps more of the surface of the tire in contact with the road and allows the vehicle to be steered while it is stopping. If your ABS light comes on, come see us at Seymour's Garage.

Brake Fluid Flushes
A brake fluid flush refers to the process of replacing all of your old brake fluid with fresh, clean brake fluid. Brake fluid will absorb water from the air over time, causing the brake system to become less effective and the fluid to become corrosive, possibly damaging the system. It is important to perform a brake fluid flush regularly to ensure that your vehicle is using fresh fluid. Talk to our experienced technicians at Seymour's Garage about when it's time for a brake fluid flush.

Brake Hoses
A brake hose is a tube that carries pressurized brake fluid from the master cylinder to the brakes. A crushed hose can cause a lagged or slow brake, and a leak in the hose can cause the brake, or the entire brake system, to fail. These don't need to be replaced often but should be replaced at the first sign of cracking or wear.

Brake Pad & Shoe Replacement
Brake pads are a component of disc brakes used in automotive and other applications. Brake pads are composed of steel backing plates with friction material bound to the surface that faces the disc brake rotor. Brake pad problems can usually be identified by squealing brakes. If your brake pads deteriorate completely, you'll hear a grinding metal-on-metal sound when braking, meaning that it's too late and you're ruining your rotors or drums! Those with knowledge of auto repair may be able to fix this at home, but you should always your auto repair professional at Seymour's Garage immediately if you have brake problems.

Caliper Replacement
The brake caliper is a clamp mechanism that applies friction to the rotors to slow down or stop the wheels from turning when you brake. A brake caliper problem could cause uneven braking, even making your car slide forward when you brake. Uneven braking can also cause your vehicle to slide out of control in bad weather conditions, so contact Seymour's as soon as possible to make sure you are safe.

Resurface Rotors
In a disc brake system, rotors are attached to your vehicle's wheels. When the brake pads grip the rotor, they bring both the rotor and wheels to a stop. However, the friction causes grooves and cracks to appear over time. Resurfacing brings the rotor back to a "like-new" condition, reducing squealing and wobbling, however, we recommend that you talk to a service adviser to determine if resurfacing or replacing your rotors would be a better option... Seymour's always give your rotors a thorough inspection and recommend your best course of action.

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