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Oil Change Services

Full Synthetic Oil Change

Why maintaining your Oil System is important:

An oil change is one of the easiest and most affordable types of vehicle maintenance, and yet so many leave it until the last minute or forego it for extended periods of time. Your vehicle is made up of hundreds of working parts, most of which are metal. These parts require lubrication to operate smoothly, otherwise, they will rust and fuse together. The oil in your car does a lot of different things to keep it running smoothly, and when oil levels become low or contaminated, it can be detrimental to the health of your vehicle. We always suggest being proactive with oil changes and other small maintenance work that needs to be done regularly on your vehicle. By keeping up with these small jobs, we are able to keep your vehicle in tip-top shape with far less financial stress. Oil changes are an essential part of every car maintenance, it helps lubricate the work parts that keep you vehicle going.

Indications your Oil System may need repairs:

  • Thick, cakey, dirty, or sludgy oil

  • Engine consumes too much oil

  • The oil pressure gauge indicates low oil pressure

  • Burning or leaking oil

  • Engine Wear

  • High engine speed

A comprehensive performance check of the Oil System:

The amount of work in an oil change is determined by the vehicle and the needs of the customer. Most will include the changing of the engine motor oil, and the replacement of an oil filter. Your mechanic may also want to check out your engine and filtration system, belts, coolant levels, and brake fluid levels. During your oil change, this is also a good time to have your overall car checked for transmission and power steering fluid, as well as tire pressure levels.

What Oil System repairs do you perform?

  • Change oil & filter

  • Change lube

  • Check tire pressure 

  • Check and top off all fluids


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