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Commercial Fleet services

Commerical Fleet Vehicle Repair

Why maintaining your fleet vehicle is important?

Fleet managers face great difficulty when tracking the service history of all their vehicles and performing the needed repairs within a budget that is often tight. We also have convenient scheduling to reduce downtime.

Keeping your fleet vehicle up-to-date with regular maintenance service from an auto repair shop that offers a scheduling process designed to streamline your individual fleet and business needs. We understand that your fleet vehicles are a major investment, and our team is committed to keep your vehicles in excellent working condition.

Increase resale value of your fleet's vehicles through proper maintenance. Vehicles that are properly maintained retain their resale value.

What does a Commercial Fleet service include?

A comprehensive visual inspection is made at each oil change to evaluate the status of the vehicle and to determine the work that needs to be performed. These recommendations are provided to the drivers so that the vehicle can be removed from work service at the most convenient time. A history of each vehicle is also maintained at our shop.


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