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Engine Repair

Infiniti Service & Repair

At our automotive shop, we understand how crucial it is to provide top-notch repairs for Infiniti vehicles. Known for their luxury-level features and high performance, Infiniti cars require specialized attention and expertise. Our team of experienced mechanics is well-versed in repairing and maintaining Infiniti vehicles. From routine maintenance to complex repairs, we use only genuine Infiniti parts to ensure the best quality and reliability. Our goal is to provide Infiniti owners with peace of mind knowing that their vehicle is in good hands.

Our Infiniti repairs & services include:

  • Brake Repair & Service

  • Suspension System Exhaust

  • Oil Changes

  • Fluid Services

  • Steering Repair

  • Wheel Alignment

  • Tire Services

  • Factory Scheduled Maintenance

  • A/C Services…& more!

There will come a time, when your Infiniti vehicle, used or new, will require some type of auto maintenance or repairs. General maintenance will always be there, however, depending on the model and year of the vehicle, you could experience problems with the engine, electronics, or the interior quality over the life of the vehicle.

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