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  • Kimberly Garcia

Why Crankshaft Seals Fail in Commercial Vehicles

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

Front of timing belt without cover

Commercial vehicles are put through some of the harshest elements, especially in the Texas climate. Often they are left idling longer than the distance they travel so they can be used for any machinery they have attached to the back. One of the most common issues that occur with these vehicles is a front crank seal leak.

All vehicles have a crankshaft, but work trucks and commercial vehicles are more likely to have this part replaced frequently. The crankshaft seals are important to help protect the inner components of the vehicle from being damaged while being driven for long distances. Some vehicles need to have the part replaced after roughly 100,000 miles, but climate and car usage have factors in how fast or slow the crankshaft seal might deteriorate.

When it is left idling for a long period of time the heat from the motor itself causes the rubber and silicon to break down further, making the lifespan of the crankshaft seal even shorter. If there is low airflow and lots of dirt and grim, this can cause extra straining on the part causing it to fail. If the crankshaft is cracked or broken, that is when oil can start to leak and reveal the issue.

New and old Crankshaft Seal

Often, commercial vehicles experience this issue because they go to remote parts of Texas where there are more elements that can cause this part to be strained. It is difficult for these issues to be detected early since commercial vehicles are often on the road for extended amounts of time and distances causing routine maintenance and upkeep to be missed. Often it is not detected until there is a large amount of oil under the vehicle.

If your vehicle has this issue, it is better to get it taken care of sooner rather than later. Often, the truck is not running as efficiently because it is having to work through dirt, debris, and high temperatures to keep going. This could lead if the truck is operated with the issue anyway, then it could warrant further issues down the line.

A trusted auto technician is the best route to go when it comes to taking care of this issue. The location of the part that needs to be replaced is in a deep part of your vehicle and a professional is better equipped to handle repairing the issue. Luckily, it also does not take them longer than a few hours to get it going. Although it is a simple fix, it does take an experienced professional to get to the specific part of the vehicle to replace the crankshaft seal.

At Seymour’s Garage, our auto technicians are equipped with years of knowledge on how to properly repair crankshaft covers and ensure that commercial work trucks are ready to brave the elements of any job site. If you notice that it has been some time since your company work truck has received auto repair service, please give us a call at 210-341-1171 and we can assist accordingly.

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