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  • Liliana Santillan

10 Driving Tips for Rainy Season in Texas

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

10 driving tips for rainy season

Even though Spring is considered the rainiest season, Texas receives a lot of rain in the fall time. Here are 10 driving tips for rainy season that we recommend to keep you and your vehicle safe.

Tip 1

Whenever you’re driving in the rain make sure your lights and windshield wipers are on. If your lights and windshield wipers need to be replaced, please do so. If the rain is completely unbearable and it’s hard for you to see vehicles in front or around you, pull over to the side and wait for the rain to settle down. Turn your hazard lights on, this will give other vehicles a signal to know that someone is on the side of the road.

Tip 2

Fall is the season where car accidents in Texas are the highest compared to spring, summer, and winter. So be extremely careful when driving in the rain. Pay extra close attention to your surroundings.

Tip 3

Be sure to avoid speed driving in the rain as fast speeds on wet roads will only lead to tires losing traction with the road and causing others to brake harshly as well.

Tip 4

When coming to a stop, give yourself enough room to brake and slow down. Whether in front of a driving lane or behind someone, not giving yourself enough time or room to slow down could end in a car accident.

Tip 5

Make sure you get a tire rotation or buy new tires if you need new ones. Good tire tread is important during the rainy season because you’ll need the highest quality tire traction. Be sure to check your air pressure as well.

Tip 6

Get your brakes checked. With bad weather, some vehicles tend to brake suddenly when the weather is bad. You want to be sure that your brakes can handle the rain and be able to safely stop your vehicle at any time.

Tip 7

Make sure you’re cleaning the bottom of your vehicle. Rainwater can have various contaminants like rocks, mud, bacteria, and chemicals that can rust or deteriorate the parts that are located underneath your vehicle.

Tip 8

You should always take your vehicle to get a car wash once it has stopped raining. If you leave your vehicle out while it’s raining, you will notice that once the rain evaporates it leaves water stains. These water stains can permanently damage your vehicle’s paint finish.

Tip 9

Avoid flooded areas on the highway and frontage roads. 6 inches of rain is enough to reach the bottom of your vehicle and can cause your vehicle to either stall or lose control.

Tip 10

Have a battery check-up. Car batteries tend to go bad during the rainy season, so be sure to get a vehicle check-up beforehand.

We hope these 10 driving tips for the rainy season in Texas will help you navigate on your next drive in the rain whether your in Houston, San Antonio, Austin, Dallas or a small town in TX.

If you feel like your vehicle needs any of these parts serviced, please give us a call at Seymour's Garage Auto Repair (210) 341-1171 to set up an auto repair appointment or come as a walk-in. You can also view our website to see the full list of auto repair services that we provide.

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Apr 30

Thanks for these valuable tips! Driving in rainy weather can be quite tricky, especially in Texas where sudden downpours are common. Alongside these precautions, I'd also recommend ensuring your vehicle is in top condition. If you're ever in Colorado, particularly in the Denver area, check out for reliable vehicles at competitive prices. Their wide selection and quality assurance make them a go-to for anyone needing a dependable ride, rain or shine!


Richardo Reyna
Richardo Reyna
Nov 24, 2023

I can't thank Auto Glass Repair company enough for their timely assistance in fixing my cracked windshield just before the rainy season hit. The peace of mind knowing my visibility won't be compromised during heavy downpours is priceless.

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