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Stale Gasoline Risks: The Perils of Unused Fuel

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

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Imagine this scenario: you have a vehicle that has been sitting idle for an extended period. Maybe it's a classic car you only take out for special occasions, or perhaps it's a spare vehicle that hasn't been used in a while. Regardless of the reason, one potential issue that can arise is the quality of gasoline in the tank. In this blog post, we will explore the dangers of stale gasoline and how it can wreak havoc on your car's performance once you turn it on after a prolonged period of inactivity.

Fuel Oxidation:

Over time, gasoline undergoes a process called oxidation when exposed to air. This process causes the fuel to break down and lose its combustible properties. Stale gasoline contains harmful compounds that can clog fuel injectors, carburetors, and fuel lines, leading to poor engine performance and potential damage. It's crucial to understand that gasoline has a limited shelf life, and leaving it in an unused car for too long can result in significant problems.

Moisture Accumulation:

Another issue associated with leaving gasoline in an unused car is the accumulation of moisture in the fuel tank. When a vehicle sits idle for an extended period, the empty space in the tank allows condensation to form. This moisture can find its way into the gasoline, causing it to become contaminated. The presence of water in the fuel can lead to engine misfires, hesitation, and overall poor running conditions. In severe cases, it can even cause corrosion in the fuel system.

Varnish and Deposits:

Stale gasoline can also leave behind a residue known as varnish. As the fuel breaks down, it forms sticky deposits that can coat various engine components. These deposits can clog fuel injectors, fuel filters, and even form a gummy substance on critical engine parts. Varnish buildup restricts fuel flow and disrupts the combustion process, resulting in reduced power, decreased fuel efficiency, and potential engine damage.

Difficult Starting:

If your car has been sitting for an extended period with stale gasoline in the tank, starting it may become a challenging task. The degraded fuel may not combust properly, causing prolonged cranking or even complete failure to start the engine. This situation can be frustrating and potentially leave you stranded. It's essential to address the issue of stale gasoline before attempting to start the vehicle to avoid unnecessary stress on the engine.

Prevention and Solutions:

The best way to avoid problems associated with stale gasoline is to prevent it from occurring in the first place. If you know your vehicle will be sitting idle for an extended period, consider the following preventive measures:

a. Use a fuel stabilizer: Adding a fuel stabilizer to the gasoline before storing the car can help extend its shelf life and prevent oxidation.

b. Fill up the tank: Keeping the fuel tank as full as possible reduces the amount of empty space available for moisture accumulation.

c. Regularly start the car: If feasible, start the vehicle and let it run for a short period every few weeks to prevent fuel degradation.

d. Drain and replace old fuel: If the car has been sitting for an extended period, consider draining the old gasoline and refilling it with fresh fuel before attempting to start the engine.

Leaving stale gasoline in an unused car can lead to a range of problems, from clogged fuel systems to difficulty starting the engine. To ensure the smooth operation of your vehicle, it's essential to address the issue of stale gasoline promptly. By taking preventive measures, such as using fuel stabilizers and draining old fuel, you can protect your car's performance and avoid costly repairs. Remember, a little proactive maintenance goes a long way in preserving the health of your vehicle.

Engine Issues Due to Stale Gasoline? Don't Fret, Seymour's Can Save the Day!

If your car has suffered damage due to stale gasoline, Seymour's Garage is here to help. Our experienced team of mechanics understands the challenges associated with fuel-related issues, and we have the expertise to address them effectively. From cleaning fuel systems and replacing clogged filters to diagnosing and repairing engine problems caused by degraded fuel, we have the knowledge and tools to restore your vehicle's performance. Trust Seymour's Garage to provide top-notch service and get your car back on the road in optimal condition. Don't let stale gasoline damage hold you back—visit Seymour's Garage for expert assistance and reliable solutions.

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