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  • Briana Martinez

5 Signs You Might Love Your Car A Little Too Much

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

Women laying over car

Cars are easy to love. They enable people to reach desired locations, and others swiftly and with ease. If you love them and take good care of them, they will love you back. Routine maintenance, repairs, and cosmetic changes are great ways to show your appreciation towards your vehicle, but how much is too much? If you find yourself giving your automobile cute nicknames, or daydreaming about getting back to it when you’re away, then you’re likely in a committed relationship with your car.

Why Do People Love their Vehicles?

People love their cars for a number of reasons such as,

  • the comfortability and reliability it may offer

  • its sleek design and color

  • It’s their first car

  • the memories they shared with it

  • Childhood dream car

  • having the money to be able to purchase it in the first place

  • The sense of power and freedom owning it creates

  • The car acts as an extension of themselves

It’s perfectly normal to have a connection with your motor vehicle, but it can get a little weird if you’re spending more time with it than your wife. You Might Love Your Car A Little Too Much if:

You Become Hysteric if There are Any Smudges, Fingerprints, or Scuffs

Cars are designed to get a little dirty. Most people wash their car once every two - three weeks, but for you your car is your prize, and having any spec of dirt on it at any time is a no go. If your vehicle has a fingerprint on its handle you’ll probably spend the next 5 minutes vigorously rubbing it off. Although it may be your baby, try to refrain from excessive washing and wiping as it can harm your car's finish.

You’re Best Memories are Shared with Your Motor Vehicle

Just like marriage your vehicle has been with you through the good and the bad, sickness and health, richer or poorer. You made your commitment to your vehicle the day you got it, and you can’t help being bonded to the car that’s been through it all with you.

You Gave your Car a Pet Name

Naming your car as if it was your pet demonstrates the significance and closeness between you and your automobile. Consider light-hearted names, as it might be troubling if you call your car Baby and your wife answers.

You Think About Your Car, Even When You’re Not Driving

Work days feel longer than they are supposed to? Can’t wait to get home from a fun night out with friends? If you are spending your most memorable and fun moments thinking about your car, it’s very possible that you are smitten.

You Peep Out the Curtains at Night to Make Sure It’s Safe

Instead of watching late-night movies with your family, you’re by the window routinely checking on your vehicle. Although it’s highly unlikely your vehicle was stolen or a hunk of space junk has totaled it since you last checked five minutes ago, you feel as though you can’t be too cautious.

Seymour’s Garage Shares Your Love of Cars

The love of your life deserves only the finest treatment, that’s why at Seymour’s Garage we ensure quality service with every car that comes through our shop. Schedule your next car appointment by calling (210) 341-1171 or swinging by our shop.

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